Physics Department - Bucharest University
Physiological Structural-Effective Connectivity Atlas
The atlas combines structural, effective and functional (resting state h2 correlation coefficient) connectivity of the brain structures in patients undergoing stereoelectroencephalographic (SEEG) pre-surgical investigations for drug-resistant epilepsy at Bucharest Emergency University Hospital.  Data processing is performed by Physics Department at Bucharest University, funded by UEFISCDI grant PN-III-P4-ID-PCE-2016-0588.
It is based on HCP-MMP parcellation (Glasser et al., Nature 2016) (left). Two additional areas corresponding to Amygdala (A) and Hippocampus (Hc), two structures very important in mesio-temporal epilepsy, have been manually added in our parcellation. For each parcel, the structural, effective and functional connectivity with the other regions is shown.